Is there a cost associated with the creation a personal library, in iLEIO?

No . The creation of your personal library is completely free.

How do I register and create my personal library in iLEIO?

Registration is done online ( http://www.ileio.com ) and can be done either (a ) by creating an iLEIO internal account or ( b ) using an external account - for example google , facebook etc – thus avoiding having to memorize more user names and passwords.

Can I add ebooks?

Yes you can add ebooks to your personal ebooks library. The only restriction is related to encryption; ebooks must be completely free of encryptions or any other user restriction.

Is there any limitation on the type of supplier / seller of ebooks that I add to my personal library?

There are no restrictions on the source of your ebooks . But they should be purchased with no usage restrictions.

What type / format ebooks can I add to my library iLEIO?

You can add ebooks in ePUB or PDF formats.

Can I add ebooks from other libraries?

In principle yes. If your library ( school , university , public l ibrary , etc. ) allow you to download ebooks, ILEIO places no objection.

I need to buy and / or install software to read the ebooks I have in iLEIO?

No need to buy or install any software to read ebooks in iLEIO personal library . All you need is access http://www.ileio.com .

What do I do if I have more questions?

Please send email to [email protected]